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[09 Dec 2008|03:28am]
i want a cute boy for xmas..


[30 Sep 2008|12:11am]


im totally on jerk mode.. [16 Jul 2008|03:11pm]
deng,,i dont know what made me come on this shit and..well its been a WHILE>

hello ? everyone

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bite me. [13 Dec 2007|07:49am]
Holy shit I'm in like with someone..
Its been a while!! My home depot lover<3
"jayz" ahh..sighs..I feel like a middle skooler
I'm just at the point where I'm like ..thinking if the feelings aremutual.rawr

Anyways ... things aren't good at home the whole thing with my brother..we need a family intervention..I guess it all opened our eyes and we need to stop being... so..
" banuelos" and learn to be more loving I guess..not that we aren't, its just..hard to explain...
Xmas is just right around the corner and I'm so not in the " jolly xmas spirit" I haven't even started my shopping..yikes.
New years I am looking foward to... if none of my bitches are guna hang with me ima check my self into some nice hotel and get dolled up and and and..idk find something to do PARTY
I found the best dress shop on 2nd Street
I'm going this weekend..I wanna freeze my ass of this weekend..I don't care I think its fun showing some leg sometimes..Ha.


Anyways I wanna leave town for vacation sooon!!!! 1 or 2 weeks is good enough for me..


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no bueno [27 Nov 2007|09:26am]
[ mood | sleep? ]

Last week was random as hell..well the past 2 weeks actually have been RANDOM..but a good random. That whole craving wine and having ppl to drink it with..well..that's all I really did during the holidays..I think it was like 6 botles. I literally cary a freaken cork skrew in my purse now.


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devendra banhart oct 13 [14 Oct 2007|09:18pm]
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im soooooooo fucken glad i didnt miss this show. ee ur a life saver.that show is probably gunna make it in history books. the show was almost stopped due to trouble maker mr. devendra to invite who ever wanted to come dance on stage to feel free. the whole croud got out their seats..ahhhhhhhh
GAEL GARCIA!!!! on stage singing quedeate luna! swear i almost wet my pants.
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i reeked of red wine and weed. this guy was doing lines of coke on the arm rest of his seat..ahhhh i can be here all night typing about how dope it was...

m.i.a nov 9 anyone going :)

oh yeah and friday night was haaaaa wow!

i was the drunk party promoter for like 15 min ... on the mic! no bueno.

oh and mathew lush this guy we met through roxy @the hear gallery in china town (drunk ) has copywritted the word "fagger"
after he said it was an insult or or someshit.. now he has a whole myspace cult with gurls defaults as "fagger" and!!! hes making money with t shirts,

f.y.i hes jeffrey stars ex bf, and has some kinda gay online radio show...boycott mathew lush word stealer

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [01 Oct 2007|01:31pm]
im stoked ... i get to go see this amazing guy and his band!!!!!!!!!! with a goooooooood friend~

oct 13 baby!
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im gunna pee my pantalones !!



shopping R&A [18 Sep 2007|11:26pm]
uhhhhfjdhfjs the only band thats really worth my time!!!!! hdjshdjshfjd

addys partys gunna be super reggetony thats hot.

denise ur ass is gunna be kendra booty shakin watch with ur grill all up on the bar,

i cant wait to go shopping!!!!



LIfe liver [15 Sep 2007|03:26pm]
my sister bought me the new 50 cent cd haha...

im bored... and i hate gurls/

im SO hungover! patron did me dirty! i feel like i burned a hole in my stomache.....

i totally think sparks is a gateway drink....... to think i was fine with the sparks i drank /// till someone puts the patron bottle in my face..haha

i hung out with anthony rene last night hes sooo funny! he looks silly without his glasses.......errrr

anywayssssss i want a new tattooo

this bitch is hot...
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photo [30 Jul 2007|05:55pm]
heres some of my fav pics. i printed a bumch of rolls yeah finally,. i feel like typing so yeah theres one of those carson vets show this friday and i guess its ska week...something inside me is giving me this little feeling to go. bahah yeah i know, so if anyones down to make an enrty with me hit me up. cuz i think it'll be fun..i think yeah.
so i paid 50$ to get my ghetto funk nails done this weekend, i think its m new thing..i didnt get leopard this time though blah blah blah, soo heres some photos, and sorry i dont know how to do that whole hiding thing so .... to bad

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okay the rest are on y blogg..

p.s i was still in high skool when i took these pics haha thats how old they are


meow! [23 Jul 2007|10:05pm]
i love the new INTERPOL!!


ronysphotobooth.com [16 Jul 2007|07:03pm]
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i have way too much FUN..

ima die from it.


BITCHY [09 Jun 2007|02:57pm]
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hmm.. so yeah . i enroll skool this semester i cant wait. i miss skool ..crazy i know.i think i just miss the social scene skool has to offer,
anyways last night i went to a compton party ("80s") bunch of scene kids. drunk fat gurls barfing in the front yard , i havent been to a backyard party ina long time. it seems like the new in thing instead of shows are like back yard partys with a dj spinning "indie" and calling it an 80s party. i saw ernesto from high skool it was random..... i ran into a few other ppl but ehh...( as u can tell im bored)...im in addys room shes hungover and sleeping im here waiting for my sister to come swoooop me up i have to get my eyebrowss done. i dont wanna go out tonight..but most likely im gunna end up goign out and busting another stunt like last weekend........DUDE!!! imglad i was ina different area code.. i totally shocked addy and vannessa. haha it was too funny. i wasnt concious.
uhhh...... yeah SF is just right around the corner i hope nothing gets inthe way of my getaway...
my hair looks like shit i need to get a haircut..its been too long. ima a mess.

over it im bored.

p.s i want some rollerskates


RICK ROSSS [29 May 2007|07:44pm]
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chubbys the new skinny [18 May 2007|03:50pm]

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R.I.P to my sidekik [13 Apr 2007|04:15pm]
my sidekik is fucken Screwd!!!!!1

im so depressed lol tomarrow im guna go get myy baby

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BAY AREAAA [10 Apr 2007|08:15pm]
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im gunnna get hella hyphy in SF in july 3 days its gunna be nuttts

07/27/2007 07:00 PM - Greek Theater w/Daft Punk
berkly ca! my tickets being bought tomarrow


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piss off [08 Mar 2007|07:08pm]
[ mood | hoes! ]

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i feel everyone is pmsing and acting like fucken huge ass bitches and theres no fucken need to lifes to short to act like annoyying!.. ugh GROSS!!

everyone acts like they have a fucken phd and are better than others and thats WACK!

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its rehab time

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im black [06 Mar 2007|12:49am]
ive been tagged to do the 20 random facts

1] im a nice bitch
2] im very nice
3] i dont take things serious
4] the doctor says im not living past the age of 40
5] shopping helps me
6] i spend all mymoney in a day then i get broke
7] i dance on stages real drunk and flirt with the
really big fat guys who dance with them selvs
at clubs just for laughs..ALL the time
8] james my boss at work calls me princess, and sends me
home early when im hung over :)
9] i have no responsabilttys and u dont either.
10] i miss my parents
11] im planning on leaving for sf soon, for a week
hopefully 2 to get photographed in my chonies
12] i live in LA LA lannd
13] i spent 50 bucks on a 3$ fish.
14] i dont know how to drive
15] i have 3 tattoooos and they all dont have a meaning.
one more in the works
16] i dont know my time tables...i think i have a math "dowynsydrome" a huge one
17] my goal in life was to own a coffe shop and sell art.pshh dont laugh i just spilled my guts.
18] i have no goal in life yet. sad but true.
19] i was once a " up the slut" hahaha
20] i had a three some.
21] i know im over 20 but...who cares
22] i wish i was 16 again.
23]i use to love working at starfuks
24] i sometimes want a bf.
25] i sometimes dont wanna bf cuz i have my lush 22lover
26] donttake me serious
27] i smoke drink..and. ________________
28] over it
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and fatkids love cake [06 Mar 2007|12:20am]
[ mood | princess party ]

anyways im so bored,

people just dont understand when things go wrong or when something dosent go right....or anything like that theres always a stupid story that goes along with why that happend or why it didnt happen. <------- wtf anyways yea
i chose to be "the bitch" that i am cuz i hate confrontations and i go where ever the wind takes my ass and.and yes people always do fucked up shit like leave friends at partys but thers this one thing called getting over shit and im pretty good at that, call me pansy . i was MIa this month week day hour and what not..dosent mean that im such a bad person. i dont make sense but at the same time i do! why do gurls get so "(i dont even know the word to use) maybe weird".like seriously i dont get it and thats why..im over it at this second rrrright

back to my non_sense .. amy winehouse and lily allen were friends and now there not....lol whats up with all this drama, i still digg winehouse.......................
my weekend was random, and i hung out with that guy i met at my job turns out i had this little painted pic of him being some good kid..ends up were in the car doing lines and haha jk , but yeah hes like dealing drugs...we totally were doing deals after peters party. but the night befor that @wakos artshow this guy dressed as a gurl was following us around with the nasty nastiest boner in the world..i was even like scared.
i was working on the flyer for the st. paricks day party!! i got dj j(A)sson to spinn i hope it all comes through.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting american apparal parrty lol

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